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Red Roof Takes on Fan Expo Boston 2018!

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Yaya Han with a fan
Yaya Han and I at Fan Expo Boston 2018!

As I walked up to the massive line to wait to enter Fan Expo Boston 2018, I felt immediately at home. 

Waiting in line was an experience of its own – from pointing out all the creative cosplays, to meeting new people. I could feel the excitement from the crowd to finally enter the convention center. Once I arrived inside, I immediately felt the hair on my forearm stand up from the electrifying atmosphere. After checking in and receiving my wrist band, I rushed to get to the expo.  I was instantly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people present as I walked into the expo. There were many sights to see – children running around in superhero costumes, cosplay groups walking around in character, the constant flashes from people stopping to take pictures and so much more. 

Straightaway my attention was drawn towards the artists at the expo. There were so many different types of art styles and interests that fascinated me. Every artist I spoke to was extremely appreciative of all the praise I gave their artwork. Aside from their work, the artists expressed genuine passion for their profession, which showed in their pieces.  Aside from artist, the vendors at the expo blew my mind. Every booth I explore had unique, collectable items ranging from rare POP! figurines to exclusive paintings, portraits and canvases of every favorite geek culture icon. It was evident looking at the complexity of all the costumes, that the cosplayers were passionate about what they created. I met with a man that spent three months making his Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming cosplay. His eyes swiftly lit up when I approached him to compliment his work. I felt the same passion from every cosplayer I approached that weekend. Fan Expo Boston 2018 exceed all of my expectations. The people were friendly, the cosplays and artwork were creative, and the vendors allowed me to take a piece of the experience home with me. My experience was amazing, and I can’t wait to have the chance to relive Fan Expo Boston again!

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