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Inspiration at NYCC

New York Comic Con (NYCC) was a whirlwind of people, booths and amazing energy. The convention center was transformed into a mecca for all things geek. When I first walked in, the oversized hanging displays instantly captivated my interest, particularly the enormous Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie poster. There was so much to see inside the convention center, that my body couldn’t keep up with where my eyes wanted me to go.

While wondering around the aisles of NYCC, I stumbled up a few booths that immediately grabbed my attention. The first thing I was mesmerized by was the walk-in anime photo booth with a scene set from One Piece. I was also drawn to the Dragon Ball exhibit from the Dragon Ball tour. The Dragon Ball exhibit had figurines from each saga in the anime, a photo op area of the Goku’s favorite meal and more. Lastly, the artist alley of the convention was an endless sea of pop culture literature ranging from graphic novels, manga and Silver Age comic covers.

After I explored NYCC and had a moment to reflect on my experience, I realized I could write an entire book about my experience at NYCC, but I want to touch on one highlight from NYCC that will always remain a memory in my mind: having an exhibitor badge and the amazing cosplays.

Amazing Cosplays

The memory I’ll always keep is the cosplays that I saw while at NYCC. The level of effort, time and commitment that cosplayers put into their outfits always amazes me. The cosplayers were all extremely nice and tolerated me fangirling asking for pictures of their outfits. All of the cosplays were a sight to see, but there were a few that really stood out to me.

The first cosplay that was drawn to was Rick, from Rick and Morty

Beauty and The Beast

Bean from Disenchantment

The various outfits of Daenerys Targaryen

And an original cosplay, Blackman

The cosplays inspired me to want to pick up a needle and thread and make an amazing piece of work myself. NYCC allowed me to indulge in all things geek, while feeling at home and welcome.

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