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Let’s Talk About Vendors – Megacon 2019

One thing that I am always excited to see are the diverse selection of vendors at conventions. Normally, there are always clothing, comic and figurines (including stickers, decals, etc.) vendors – many selling the same things. I started to notice that there isn’t a ton of options outside of those segments – until I went to Megacon in Orlando, FL.

Stepping into Megacon gave me the same feeling I always have when I attend a con – overwhelming excitement.

Gliding along the aisle of the convention I noticed that there were vendors I haven’t seen before at a typical convention – everything from tobacco pipes to a karaoke stage. The vendor that caught my eye and eventually lured me in, was the physic reading vendor.

There they were – right in the middle of the convention “Physics available! Palm, Tarot, Energy and Crystal readings!”

I thought it was a bit strange to have a personal physic reading in the middle of a crowded, loud venue – but I couldn’t help but to be interested. Alas, I gave into my curiosity and sat down at the table. The experience turned out to be deeply informational and very helpful. The noise at the con disappeared and it felt like only me and my physic was there. She ended my reading with a crystal for me to carry around and a few parting words.

After our session, I felt like I just arrived at the convention (although I had been there for 5 hours already), seeing everything with a new set of eyes. After that, I challenged myself to find vendors that don’t usually fit the “convention” label.

Sure enough, I found all sorts of amazing vendors tucked away in a back corner or behind a popular vendor that people constantly passed trying to reach the popular vendor.

I found an amazing crystal vendor that sold many different types of crystal in various forms – like jewelry, paper weights, etc. I had an elaborate conversation about crystal and he even tied it in with astrology, while referencing Sailor Moon (bonus points!).

Once I found all the “nontraditional” vendors, I explored the conventional vendors that were there as well.

Megacon was one of my best con experiences I’ve had specifically because I experienced different types of vendors outside of the normal vendors that attend.

If you’re visiting a convention, I’d definitely suggest finding vendors that you wouldn’t normally go to and explore their booths! You might find something or have an experience you never thought you’d get at a convention.

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