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The Las Vegas (Comic) Strip

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

I am a geek. I am a geek who gets to travel. There are those that, when they travel, like to visit new places and take in the local cuisine, art, culture, history, etc. But this geek, likes to visit the local comic book shop. I recently had the opportunity to attend C.E.S. in Las Vegas, a bastion to all things geek and while there I was afforded some down time to explore all that Las Vegas has to offer to geek on the go. It is a lot more than one might expect.

My first stop was a shop that I had seen in various articles and YouTube videos so it was the top of my list as a geek tourist to visit. Torpedo Comics.

When you enter through the doors of Torpedo you are immediately aware that as a geek, you have walked into something special. From the replica AT-AT crashing through the ceiling to the rows of display cases hosting some amazing statues. As you get deeper in to the store you see the vault. I mean a for legit vault where Torpedo houses some amazing Silver Age books and art. Torpedo has decent selection of back issues and any new issue you may need but where they really shine is in Silver age books. I am a reader copy collector so unfortunately they where all out of my budget but for a money is not option collector and if you want the best around, Torpedo is your place. I walked away with a simple current issue as I felt compelled to buy something but the next time I hit it big on the slots, Torpedo will be my first stop. Torpedo is the furthest out from the strip at about 20 minutes.

My next stop was Comics Comics, located a short ride from the strip on Tropicana. For what I collect and what I love about comic shops, this was my favorite over all stop. It is a fun and quirky shop with row after row of long boxes just waiting to be picked through in search of that one issue that you have been hunting for. I spent a good hour going sorting through the massive back issue collection, finding books that I have been unable to find in store in Columbus, New York and many cons in between. And then I found my sweet spot. A Silver and Bronze collection that was right up my collecting alley. Raw books in fine - good condition that allowed me to fill in some holes and not break my budget. If you are raw collector I highly recommend giving them a visit. Great staff and just a warm and fuzzy reminder of why we all most continue to support our local comic shops.

Alternate Reality Comics Las Vegas
Alternate Reality Comics Las Vegas

My last stop of the day, was Alternate Reality Comics. This was a recommendation from my local shop in my hometown. It was the smallest shop of the three I visited but packed floor to ceiling to with new books, art, collectables and over all geek goodness. Not a very strong back issues selection but I was able to pick up a long old out J. Scott Campbell variant still on the shelf. Fun stop for general just letting your geek flag fly.

Can't hit the local comic shops? The strip has you covered with some other geeky goodness.

The Avengers Station at Treasure Island is a walking tour of the Avengers movie experience. It was bit pricey for what was mostly recreations of movie costumes and props and I don't think it has repeat value but it was an easy walk from my hotel and allowed me some time to geek out with my favorite characters in the MCU. Like any good attraction it dumps you into a gift shop where you can get exclusive Avengers Station merch.

Now how do you pay for all of this? By gambling of course. Daddy don't need a new pair of shoes, he needs a copy of Amazing Spider-Man 23 in a 4-5 condition. And what is the game of choice for this geek. Slots. Not just any slots. Geek slots.

The Goonies Slot Machine Las Vegas
The Goonies Slot Machine Las Vegas

That's right. A Goonies slot machine. Some may be scratching their heads but for those of you that get it. A Goonies slot machine! Right! While I did not spend much time gambling as I made my way around the Casinos I noticed a trend in geek gambling with slots ranging from Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, and batman 62. They are certainly trying to get our attention and our course our money.

After three days in Vegas I came back to my reality with no money but some great new spots to hunt, a happy inner child and some great books to add to my collection.

If you are in Vegas and want to try something other than gambling, there is plenty for a geek to do.

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