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Tips To Navigating A Convention

Navigating a convention can be a bit tricky, but here are a few tips to help you through your comic con weekend!

Tip 1: Know Your Itinerary

Schedules for conventions are always available to view at least a week in advance, so take the time to plan out which panels, celebrities and events you want to check out. Make sure you note the time and location of each event, so that you aren’t overlapping panels or racing to the other side of the convention hall. You want to enjoy your time at the convention, not stressing about where the next event is taking place.

Tip 2: Maps! Maps! Maps!

Many times, there are no directions on how to get to a panel or event in specific rooms, and often rooms can get changed unexpectedly. Always look over the map of the convention space, so that you are familiar with where you need to go.

Tip 3: Download the App!

Usually conventions have an event app that has all the information on panels, speakers and events. The great thing about the app is that it gives real life updates about room changes along with biographies of all the speakers and synopses of each event.

Tip 4: Make Friends

There are loads of people that attend conventions, so utilize that time to make new friends! Remember, everyone has at least one thing in common – whether it be the love of a certain anime, comic books, artist, collecting figurines, etc. Many people meet life-long friends at conventions, so don’t be afraid to say hello to the person eyeing the same shirt that you are!

Tip 5: Enjoy Yourself!

Lastly, we know that comic cons can be very overwhelming, but don’t forget you are here to have FUN! If you are feeling tired, take a break! Chances are there are other people that are also feeling the same as you. The convention is there for you to explore all weekend, so no need to exhort yourself and tire yourself out.

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